Advanced Arkansas Master Florist Class

New AFA Sponsored Class!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Advanced Arkansas Master Florist Class provided by the Arkansas Florists Association. We genuinely believe the continued education is the hallmark of personal growth, improvement, and excellence. We strive to provide opportunities for you to obtain your individual goals.

Check Back for 2024 Class Schedule & Fees

Class Includes Fresh Flowers and Supplies.

Students must provide their own tools.

If you wish to pay via check, download a registration form here and mail your payment to the address listed at the bottom of the form.

You MUST be a member of the Arkansas Florists Association to enroll in classes.

Memberships are $100 annually and are due with your class payment unless you have an active membership for the current year.

Pay Your Annual Membership Here


The Advanced Arkansas Master Florist candidates must:

  • Be a Current or Become an AFA Member
  • Have Successfully Completed the Arkansas Master Florist Program

About Advanced Arkansas Master Florist Class

Advanced Master Florist will further your understanding of the elements and principles of design, as well as techniques. 

This class will push you to new limits, and build your confidence as you explore and learn modern/contemporary designs. 

This is a great class for competitors, those who are considering other certifications, or those that want to expand their design skills and knowledge. 

What will I learn?

We will teach you new and functional techniques designed to help offer you a new understanding of advanced design. Most importantly, we will guide you through extensive hands-on workshops to help give you the skills and confidence you need.

Advanced Class Offers:

  • Leaf Techniques: braiding, weaving, tailoring, etc.
  • Advanced Flowers to Wear: corsage, boutonniere, headpiece, necklace
  • Wedding Bouquets with a Modern Flair
  • Sympathy Set Pieces
  • Trendy, Modern Arrangements

Class Location

Southern Wholesale Florists
7501 Fluid Dr • Little Rock, Ar

Class Schedule:

Check Back for 2024 Class Schedule


Kay Schlaefli AIFD, AMF, CFD

Kathy Rodocker AIFD, AMF, CFD

Michelle Red AIFD, AMF, CFD

Chelle Gerhardt AIFD, AMF, CFD

Need More Information?

If you are interested in participating in the AMF classes or if you have any questions or concerns, call or email Kay Schlaefli AIFD, AMF, CFD

Cell: (479)459-8034
Work: (479)783-3210

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